Dearomatized Alkanes

Dearomatized Alkanes is comprised of a combination of normal, branched, and cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbons within its prescribed carbon number range. Contains less than 2% aromatics. Manufacturing steps include distillation (fractionation), hydrogen treating (sulfur removal), and hydrogenation (conversion of aromatics to aliphatics) of petroleum feedstocks.
CAS Numbers:
  • 64742-46-7
  • 64742-47-8
  • 64742-48-9
Trade Names:
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Technical Names:
  • Dearomatized Aliphatic Hydrocarbon
  • Distillate Petroleum, Hydrotreated Middle
  • Distillates (Petroleum) Hydrotreated Light
  • Distillates, Petroleum, Hydrotreated Light (IFRA)
  • Low Aromatic Mineral Spirits
  • Low Odor Mineral Spirits
  • Naphtha (Petroleum) Hydrotreated Heavy
  • Naphtha, Petroleum, Hydrotreated Heavy (IFRA)
  • Paraffin - C15- 19 Alkane (IFRA)
  • Stoddard Solvent Types I, II & IV, Class C
Product Categories:
  • Aerosol Products
  • Air Care Products
  • Antimicrobial Products
  • Cleaning Products
  • Industrial and Automotive Chemicals
  • Pest Management Products
  • Polishes and Floor Maintenance Products
VOC Status:
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Chemical Formula:
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Ingredient Type:
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Chemical Class:
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Ingredient Sources:
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Ingredient Functions:
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Ingredient References:
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EPA Safer Choice Ingredient:
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EPA FIFRA 25(b):
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REACH Listing:
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