d-Limonene is an unsaturated optically-active cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbon, It is extracted from citrus peel oils by distillation or from the waste peel by a second pressing and/or steam distillation, and contains a minimum of 94% d-limonene, with the remainder being a mixture of related hydrocarbon terpenes and oxygenated alcohol and aldehyde terpenes with a maximum of 2% oxygenated hydrocarbons. d-Limonene can be extracted from the fruit of the common sweet orange tree (Citrus sinensis, Rutaceae), grapefruit tree (Citrus paradisi, Macfadyen), lemon tree (Citrus limonium, Rutaceae), lime tree (Citrus aurantifolia, Rutaceae), and/or tangerine tree (Citrus reticulate [mandarin]). d-Limonene is derived solely from renewable biomass sources.
CAS Numbers:
  • 5989-27-5
  • 8028-48-6
EC/List Numbers:
  • 227-813-5
Trade Names:
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Technical Names:
  • (R)-p-Mentha-1,8-Diene
  • d-Limonene (IFRA)
  • Limonène (French)
  • Limonene (INCI)
  • Limoneno (Spanish)
  • Orange Peel, Sweet, Extract (IFRA)
  • Orange Terpenes
Product Categories:
  • Aerosol Products
  • Air Care Products
  • Antimicrobial Products
  • Cleaning Products
  • Industrial and Automotive Chemicals
  • Pest Management Products
  • Polishes and Floor Maintenance Products
VOC Status:
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Chemical Formula:
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Ingredient Type:
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Chemical Class:
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Ingredient Sources:
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Ingredient Functions:
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Ingredient References:
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Chemical Structure:
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EPA Safer Choice Ingredient:
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EPA FIFRA 25(b):
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